Body Part Owners

Down the years, Brian and Georgina have tried many unusual ways of monetising their podcast. For example,  they once actually auctioned off their own body parts to a small but loyal band of regular listeners. For anyone who’s still interested, here is a complete list of who owns what:

Georgina’s Body Part Owners:
Brain: Brett Buist. Hair: Vince Leader. Forehead: – Kevin Cupp. Left Eyebrow: Mark Dickson. Right Eyebrow: Devin Salinger. Eyes: Barry Pitcairn. Nose: Timothy Blahout. Teeth: Jon Dickinson. Chin: Phil Kent. Ears: Nigel Baker. Beauty Spot: Heath Wells. Nape of Neck: Colin Shaw: Throat: Paul R Hull. Voice Box: Robbie Campbell. Shoulders: Graeme Cameron. Lower Back: Ian Harrison: Left & Right Breast, Left and Right Nipples: Timothy Blahout. Arms: Graeme Cameron: Left Hand: Kevin Tunley. Right Hand: Eric Pitman. Tummy: Donald Boessow. Belly Button: Chris Hoffman. Buttocks: Donald Boessow. Left Thigh: Matt Gibson, Right Thigh: Christopher Duhe: Left Knee: Clive Nately. Feet: Daryl Czajka. Toenails – Will Ross.

Brian’s Body Part Owners:
Brain: Laurel Meadows. Hair: Genevieve Herbert-Carr. Forehead: Glen Meloy. Left Eyebrow: Jayne Ward. Tongue: Robbie Campbell. Moustache: Karina Edwards. Goatee Beard: Timothy Blahout. Left Ear: Eric Pitman: Left Shoulder: Daryl Czajka. Right Shoulder: Lisa Moss. Right Arm/Hand: Graeme Cameron. Left Arm: Brett Buist. Left Hand: Richard Goldsmith. Balls: Donald Boessow. Left Knee: Sue Plunkett. Right Knee: Mark E Horrocks. Left Foot: Miroslava H Burneva. Right Foot: Donald Boessow. Toenails: Catherine Burns.

In the unlikely event that you would like to purchase any remaining body parts, please email us.